Ciaran Rooney

Ciaran Rooney



Ciarán is the CTO of Skimlinks where he leads the technical innovation for Skimlinks' products and the platform's infrastructure. Before joining Skimlinks, Ciarán worked in Ireland as Head of Engineering at one of the country's largest mobile communications companies. He also worked as a freelance developer before establishing Weeno Ltd, a web application and design company. Ciarán is currently a Director of PHP London and the PHP UK Conference Chairperson.


Scaling an API: From Reboots to Redis, how (not) to do it

My company that has grown from a small B2C app written in PHP/MySQL to a B2B advertising company doing 15 Billion API calls per month. Along the way there have been some big technology changes and decisions that have both helped and hindered us. Along the way we have had 3 day outages, several AWS […]

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