Jacopo Romei

Jacopo Romei



Jacopo is an italian agile coach, developer, entrepreneur, writer. Among his broad interests, Jacopo’s main one is IT products & software development process, though everything under the umbrella of science fits his tastes. After having started a couple of IT companies and practiced agile development, that experience load was the key to move on as a full time freelance agile coach, having coached during the last 3 years teams across Italy, Germany and UK. Product design, agile UX, features scoping and contract negotiation are added skills acquired after tight cooperation with business people in companies he was coach of. As a writer he has published a paper in experimental ecology, the Apress book “Pro PHP Refactoring” (2010) and "PHP Best Practices" (2012). He is also a speaker, regularly invited to international conferences and events about agile and lean software development and project management.


Grab yourself an alibi

A software development team may face many problems, many problems each week, each day, hour by hour. Developers blame on managers. Managers blame on coders. Both blame on UX designers. UX designers blame on customers. Customers blame on account managers. Account managers on agile coaches. Agile coaches on DBAs. DBAs on human resources and all […]

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