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Taking advantage of the ZF2 modular architecture


Zend Framework 1 had modules. Their name is pretty much everything Zend Framework 2 modules share with them, though. The whole framework architecture has been rewritten to encourage software reuse and extension. In this talk I’ll share our experiences on ZF2 module creation and usage.

Grab yourself an alibi


A software development team may face many problems, many problems each week, each day, hour by hour. Developers blame on managers. Managers blame on coders. Both blame on UX designers. UX designers blame on customers. Customers blame on account managers. Account managers on agile coaches. Agile coaches on DBAs. DBAs on human resources and all […]

LAMP scaling 101


The basics of scaling a LAMP app beyond a single-server setup, and the issues that come from no longer having everything at arms’ reach. This will touch on: – scaling static traffic (css/js/imgs) – scaling app traffic (php) – scaling databases (replication, clusters, sharding, …) – scaling storage (s3, etc) and other topics like job […]

From dev to ops and beyond – Getting it done


Launching a product on the web some years ago was a massive, long awaited moment you could spend years working to towards. Nowadays you heard the term MVP (minimum viable product) a lot more than “Version 1.0”. Agile is winning over the web and “shipping it once” is not something people get all that excited […]

Writing infinite scalability web applications with PHP and PostgreSQL


PostgreSQL 9.2 introduced native support for the JSON data type, as well as V8/Javascript and Coffeescript procedural languages. Learn how you can write web applications in PHP using an intelligent and horizontally sharded cluster of PostgreSQL databases, bringing you infinite scalability and parallel processing. This talk will guide you through the development lifecycle of the […]

Better mock objects with FBMock


FBMock is a new open-source PHP mocking framework which eschews the traditional expectation verification pattern seen in other frameworks such as PHPUnit. This leads to simpler tests and makes it easier for beginners to learn In the last year, FBMock has helped fuel rapid adoption of unit testing within Facebook. In the last year, Facebook […]

Windows Azure: what’s hot!


Open. Flexible. Rock Solid. If you want to use PHP, Linux and if you want to use all the goodness of OSS, come and discover how to leverage them using the new Windows Azure services!

Zend Framework 2 and Symfony2: The perfect team


The next generation of frameworks is upon us, and now that they’re more decoupled and component-based than ever before and use the same standard for naming and autoloading, there is no reason to stick to a single framework for your projects. During this session, we will go through several ways of combining Zend Framework 2 […]

Zend Framework 2 for a Symfony2 user


In this presentation I’d like to compare two of the most used 2nd generation PHP framework, Symfony2 & ZF2, trying to highlight differences and similarities. The comparison will be made from a Symfony2 user point of view (that’s me :-P), having in mind some concepts like dependency injection, services and so on. This talk is […]

Symfony and eZ Publish


Version 5 of eZ Publish is now running on Symfony 2 full stack. This talk will recount a fantastic journey, how the heart of a legacy content management engine was reworked, re-architectured, and injected into a Symfony 2 powered HMVC architecture. You will learn how two large technologies merged, what the pitfalls were, how they […]

Puppeteering your symfony2 project


So you know about puppet and know the power it can bring into configuring and maintaining your project’s infrastructure. But how do you integrate Vagrant and Puppet inside your symfony2 project correctly? How do we deal with the catches of having both windows and linux based developers and how do we easily create completely working […]

Elastic Searching with PHP


I will give an introduction to elasticsearch ( and two ways to use it with PHP. First by directly using the php library elastica ( and second by using the Symfony 2 bundle FOQElasticaBundle (

Caching and data analysis will move your Symfony2 application to the next level.


This presentation overviews the different meanings of caching and highlights the techniques and tricks available to improve the performance of the Symfony2 web application. It also covers the importance of keeping an eye on what’s happening within the wider system. The presentation begins with a description of the caching mechanisms that are currently included within […]

The test suite is slow


Medium to large projects have thousands of unit and integration tests, running at each build to catch regressions; if you leave these builds alone they can grow in size until it takes hours to declare a green build. In this session we will deploy all the strategies known to man for reaching a fast test […]

Real-time sports statistics with Node.js, web sockets and Symfony2


Sports Editing Sweden’s CMS named Ramses is used by the Swedish Hockey League (and other customers), including mobile home pages using HTML5/JavaScript. Examples can be found at: and The system includes, among many other things, advanced Live coverage of the hockey games. The technology behind it is based on PHP and Symfony2, toghether […]

Build a Zend Framework 2 application in less than a talk


In this talk we present how to start and manage a new ZF2 application using ZFTool, the new command line tool provided in Zend Framework. We will start a new ZF2 application from scratch adding a couple of existing modules, in order to create a simple Blog application with an authentication system. The talk will […]

The why and the how of moving to 5.4


With PHP 5.4 out and many production environments still running 5.2 (or older), it’s time to paint a clear picture on why everyone should move to 5.3 and 5.4 and how to get code ready for the latest version of PHP. In this talk, we’ll migrate an old piece of code using some standard and […]

Automated acceptance testing with Behat and Mink


The automation of functional tests is highly profitable, yet barely or not done at all on many projects. The powerful combination of Behat and Mink makes writing, and executing automated tests easier. In many cases faster, too. This session introduces you to Behat and Mink, and demonstrates how to write tests for different real-life use-cases, […]

Building distributed systems


Everyone starts with a simple one-machine setup, running PHP, MySQL and Apache. Sooner or later that’s not enough and you are faced with some important architecture decisions. This talk goes through the principles and lessons when scaling from simple architectures to dynamically sized distributed ones, all without killing the business growth or paying millions for […]

High Performance PHP


This talk will cover tips and tricks for speeding up your PHP application – everything from micro optimizations at the code level to how many child processes you should be running on your webserver. You will also learn about profiling your code and load testing your application, so you can be confident that it will […]

Scaling an API: From Reboots to Redis, how (not) to do it


My company that has grown from a small B2C app written in PHP/MySQL to a B2B advertising company doing 15 Billion API calls per month. Along the way there have been some big technology changes and decisions that have both helped and hindered us. Along the way we have had 3 day outages, several AWS […]

REST APIs made easy with Symfony2


REST is an architecture style for designing networked applications which has gained much traction lately, mainly due to its simplicity and for only requiring HTTP as the communication protocol. This talk will leverage the extensibility and configurability of Symfony2 to easily create a reusable and testable REST API in minutes. Watch as we cover some […]

PHP 5.5 new features


PHP 5.5 is on its way! This talk will show you what new features we added in PHP5.5. We’ll then talk about Generators, new password hashing API, finally keword… Also, we’ll see what new functions/methods has been added in Core or extension as well as what’s been deprecated and the backward compatibility breaks. This talk […]

Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted


Everybody has already met this particular error. This talk will start by recalling you what the memory is in computer science. We’ll then foresee how PHP deals with memory by introducing the internal component Zend Memory Manager. Then, we’ll show you how to code efficiently by avoiding leaks in your code, talking about garbage collection, […]

In-Depth with Composer


Composer is a new PHP dependency manager that can solve a lot of common problems you may have. In this session you will learn how to leverage Composer to achieve various more advanced tasks like using a fork of a project, hosting private packages or specifying advanced version constraints. You are expected to already be […]

Monitoring at scale: intuitive dashboard design


At a certain scale, millions of events happen every second, and all of them are important to evaluate the health of the system. If not handled correctly, such a volume of information can overwhelm both the infrastructure that needs to support them, and people who have to make a sense out of thousands of signals and make decisions upon […]

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