Giulio De Donato

Giulio De Donato



I am the head developer for Terravision Group, a travel, tourism and lifestyle company working Europe-wide, headquartered in Rome. Several months ago my team and I released an e-commerce platform, written with Symfony2 and using SOA principle. We are passionate about open source and we are slowly open-sourcing bundles of this new e-commerce. At Terravision we are great believers in ’Passion Driven Development’, or in other words, allowing each individual programmer to grow and develop professionally thanks to our shared passion and the ethical working relationships we create. Before coming to Terravision, I worked in London for a web agency, and in Rome at CNR. I am also a member of the PHP Rome user group. I am a regular attendee of developer conferences and I enjoy reading IT books.


Caching and data analysis will move your Symfony2 application to the next level.

This presentation overviews the different meanings of caching and highlights the techniques and tricks available to improve the performance of the Symfony2 web application. It also covers the importance of keeping an eye on what’s happening within the wider system. The presentation begins with a description of the caching mechanisms that are currently included within […]

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