Joshua Thijssen

Joshua Thijssen



Freelance consultant, developer and trainer. His daily work consists of maintaining code bases, working on different projects and helping other to achieve higher standards in both coding and thinking. Lead dev of Saffire - a new web/system OO programming language. Author of book PHP|Architects ""Mastering the SPL"" Regular writer for php|architect magazine International speaker / trainer at conferences, including: - FrOSCon - Bonn - Germany - PHPNW - Manchester - United Kingdom - PHP|Tek - Chicago - United States - Whiskyweb - Edinburgh - United Kingdom - Techforum - Moscow - Russia - ZendCon - San Francisco - United States - 4developers - Warschau, Poznan - Poland - PHPBenelux - Antwerp - Belgium - Loadays - Antwerp - Belgium - PFCongres - Utrecht - Netherland - Many usergroups and meetups


Puppeteering your symfony2 project

So you know about puppet and know the power it can bring into configuring and maintaining your project’s infrastructure. But how do you integrate Vagrant and Puppet inside your symfony2 project correctly? How do we deal with the catches of having both windows and linux based developers and how do we easily create completely working […]

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