Juozas Kaziukėnas

Juozas Kaziukėnas



Juozas, or as everyone calls him Joe, is an experienced and talented (some say) young professional, entrepreneur and evangelist. Focusing on bringing IT solutions to non-technical businesses, like retail, he works on optimizing their processes and using cutting-edge research to solve hard problems and grow sales. When not working, Joe finds time to contribute to open-source projects and movements to improve interoperability and platform independence. His hands-on practice with collection of different technologies, programming languages and environments allows him to deliver unbiased and practical presentations in all kind of different topics.


Building distributed systems

Everyone starts with a simple one-machine setup, running PHP, MySQL and Apache. Sooner or later that’s not enough and you are faced with some important architecture decisions. This talk goes through the principles and lessons when scaling from simple architectures to dynamically sized distributed ones, all without killing the business growth or paying millions for […]

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