Caching and data analysis will move your Symfony2 application to the next level.



This presentation overviews the different meanings of caching and highlights the techniques and tricks available to improve the performance of the Symfony2 web application. It also covers the importance of keeping an eye on what’s happening within the wider system.

The presentation begins with a description of the caching mechanisms that are currently included within the Symfony2.2 standard edition – such as the app/cache folder, the cache of doctrine and twig, proposed solutions for the HTTP caching, file system, query, assets(ic)s, php, and sessions. The first part of the presentation concludes with a section on ‘tricks’ and the best practices used to optimise web applications.

The second part of the presentation focuses on data analysis, how to track and measure applications and why the use of software metrics that push information are essential.

Delegates will be shown practical examples of how Terravision uses Statsd, Sentry versus Graylog for the error behavior analysis of users, applications, operating systems and web servers.

The final part of the presentation concludes with methodologies of advanced scalability, events, messages and queues.




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