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Launching a product on the web some years ago was a massive, long awaited moment you could spend years working to towards. Nowadays you heard the term MVP (minimum viable product) a lot more than “Version 1.0”. Agile is winning over the web and “shipping it once” is not something people get all that excited about any more.

The question is not “When to we ship” but “how often do we ship” and “what do we ship”. Our ability as developers to continuously roll out changes at a sustained pace changed the game we are playing in web development.

This talk aims to give an overview over the progression of developers into the current age of “getting stuff out of the door so that we ether make money or realize it’s not a good idea (yet)”.
What tools, processes, roles… people do we need in our teams. What mindset helps or hinders us?

Getting the code written once is easy, getting it changed is a little hard but constantly going through the whole cycle of truing ideas into usable product features is the real challenge nowadays. It’s hard because it involve people, business, developers, operators, designers and customers. The nice thing about it is that involves people and if you get a well oiled machine running you can get stuff done really fast.

We are going to look at this machine from a developers point of view and discuss where we come in, which part we play and where we should act as supporting cast. We are going to discuss processes and tools for continuous deployment involving business and operations to see how we can help creating amazing products by working together on: “getting it done”.




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