Enrico Zimuel

Enrico Zimuel



I'm a software engineer since 1996. I work as Senior PHP Engineer at Zend Technologies, in the Zend Framework Team. I have been a Researcher Programmer at the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam and I collaborated with the Science Department of the University of Pescara (Italy). I'm the co-author of the PHP Best Practices book, published by FAG in 2012. I'm the co-founder of the PHP User Group of Torino (Italy).


Zend Framework 2 and Symfony2: The perfect team

The next generation of frameworks is upon us, and now that they’re more decoupled and component-based than ever before and use the same standard for naming and autoloading, there is no reason to stick to a single framework for your projects. During this session, we will go through several ways of combining Zend Framework 2 […]

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Build a Zend Framework 2 application in less than a talk

In this talk we present how to start and manage a new ZF2 application using ZFTool, the new command line tool provided in Zend Framework. We will start a new ZF2 application from scratch adding a couple of existing modules, in order to create a simple Blog application with an authentication system. The talk will […]

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