Julien Pauli

Julien Pauli



Julien is an architect working at Blablacar Paris, he has been programming in PHP since 10 years. He dove into PHP internals code 3 years ago and is now helping debugging an improving the language. He is the PHP 5.5 release manager.


PHP 5.5 new features

PHP 5.5 is on its way! This talk will show you what new features we added in PHP5.5. We’ll then talk about Generators, new password hashing API, finally keword… Also, we’ll see what new functions/methods has been added in Core or extension as well as what’s been deprecated and the backward compatibility breaks. This talk […]

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Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted

Everybody has already met this particular error. This talk will start by recalling you what the memory is in computer science. We’ll then foresee how PHP deals with memory by introducing the internal component Zend Memory Manager. Then, we’ll show you how to code efficiently by avoiding leaks in your code, talking about garbage collection, […]

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