Real-time sports statistics with Node.js, web sockets and Symfony2



Sports Editing Sweden’s CMS named Ramses is used by the Swedish Hockey League (and other customers), including mobile home pages using HTML5/JavaScript. Examples can be found at: and

The system includes, among many other things, advanced Live coverage of the hockey games. The technology behind it is based on PHP and Symfony2, toghether with websockets and Node.js.

Every week during an ongoing season the system serves around 500 000 unique visitors and face heavy load peaks during the ice hockey games. To make this happen we use several physical and many virtual servers, the caching software varnish, memcache, ZeroMQ and other utilities as MySQL and mongoDB.

This talk focuses on the usage of PHP and Symfony2 in coombination with Node.js and web sockets to serve hundreds of thousands of users every week.




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